who we are

A Legacy amongst kids

Nestled in the Vibrant Streets of Mumbai, Lily Bees is more than just a children’s clothing brand, It’s a Manufacturer of Luxury Girls’ Party Wear. With a Legacy spanning 4 generations, we have perfected the art of creating exquisite clothing for children. Our designs are inspired by the Vibrant Colors and Rich Textures ensuring that every child can find their perfect look at Lily Bees.

A Long Journey

Our Story

With a heritage spanning over four decades, we have been dedicated to creating stunning party wear for girls that exudes elegance and charm. With each garment we create, we strive to capture the magic and wonder of childhood celebrations.

At LilyBees, we believe in creating more than just garments; we create memories, cherished moments, and a legacy of elegance.

Our Vision

LilyBees aims to carry forward a legacy of Quality and Style in every Garment and a distinction in the industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide retailers with impeccably Crafted clothing for children ensuring that each piece reflects our Commitment to Excellence.

Our Values

At LilyBees, we value Integrity, Craftsmanship, and Customer Satisfaction, striving to uphold these Principles in every aspect of our business.